Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Prepare yourself in the Pursuit of Management Excellence

In today’s times where a hoard of management colleges have been come up within Delhi-NCR. It’s a tough situation for most of the students to decide which management college to pursue that will bolster their ambitious pursuits. Some of you must be having entrepreneurial aims or some would be looking forward to having a managerial job in a reputed MNC. Whatsoever be the ambition, getting through the right management college that serves your sense of purpose, becomes your foremost priority before anything else.
Working towards this perspective, the NorthCap University in Gurgaon – one of the accomplished Management Colleges in Gurgaon comes up to work towards producing leaders of the next generation.
The management courses have been designed in a manner that infuses learning faculties among students to apply their theoretical concepts of subjects into real-life practical solutions.
The NorthCap University, one of the Best MBA Colleges in Gurgaon prepares its students to be able to adapt to the multidisciplinary field of management professionals to turn it to the best of their advantage.  
Courses offered by School of Management, The NorthCap University:
● Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
● Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) (Hons.)
● Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Economics (Hons.)
● Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Psychology (Hons.)
● Master of Business Administration (MBA)
● Ph.D.
Apart from developing future managers, the University also focuses on grooming the overall personality of its management students. Some of the co-curricular activities conducted at the campus are :
Social Club: The social club promotes students to be sensitive to societal needs in order to create a better society. Events span from sporting events, arts and book clubs.
Extra-Curricular Club: The club builds upon curricular learning through conducting a variety of extra and co-curricular activities.
Synergy Club: The synergy club organizes various cultural activities to develop the all-round personality of the students. Let’s take a glimpse of the co-curricular activities conducted recently at the University.

This event instills creativity among the management students. The students were expected to give a presentation of humorous and conceptual ads of an unlaunched product within a minute.
Case Study Analysis
With the help of case studies, management students here are expected to demonstrate their understanding of the theoretical management concepts to apply their learning into solving real business problems.
In extempore, students are given a random topic to speak on it for 2-minutes. This judges the student’s awareness, presence of mind, confidence and fluency in the language.
Business Quiz
The objective of conducting business quiz is to test general awareness and business acumen of students to test. This includes six different sections which motivate students to think beyond their knowledge gained from textbooks.

ASQ is a global community of people which brings together the diverse quality of competent professionals who are dedicated to transforming the world’s organizations, corporations, and communities to fulfill the critical challenges of tomorrow.

In order to conclude, one of the Best MBA Colleges in Gurgaon, the NorthCap University not only dedicates itself to sharpen the academic prowess among the students but also groom the overall personality of the students to fit any corporate environment.  

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